Quality of a person

Sometime quality of a person is not all about money, job and/or all the other materials that one possesses. Of course they are important but they don’t always consider the value of a person. I think that the value of a person should be considered mainly by the attitude of that person; attitude towards life of his/her. Every one has different ways of thinking and attitude towards life; everyone has different life styles. Some people have to struggle more than the others. I believe that those phenomenons are given by God so that we know how to appreciate every little things and nothing to take granted. The easier we get, the more we take for granted, it’s human nature! Difficulties make us better and stronger person; teach us live the best with what we have. That’s we get mature and useful in our society.

Also, difficulties in our lives teach us to understand the others rather than judging and/or jumping to conclusion so quickly. When we understand more about the people around us, we fit into the society much easier; our lives will be happier and better. I do not agree with lazy lifestyle! We must improve ourselves everyday. To wrap this up, we should be happy with what we have but we should think higher and expect higher, we should not judge the others but try to understand more about them. We should not look down to anyone for any reason. I believe that’s a real quality of a person. Comments are welcome. Thank you.


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